⭐️ There’s nothing like a looming big oh birthday to get me walking down memory lane! I tend to live in the moment, not a big fan of looking back but sixty is turning me all sentimental!

😩 Regrets, I have a few …….. Not many, life’s for learning and mistakes are growth gifts. I’m proud of my Phd in life’s lessons! 😁
What’s your regret? Here’s six of mine:

〰 Waiting for a white knight to save me… For way too long, before donning my own shining armour. More women than ever are becoming their own heroes, changing our life trajectory and finding ourselves to be far more capable than we had dared believe.

〰 For decades not trusting myself. Now I back myself every step of the way. When it comes to making big decisions, stop self doubt. Instead focus on the evidence of your past and take the leap – often terrified – the net will appear.

〰 Being a serial monogamist. I tolerated relationships, even if they weren’t right, because I was scared of being alone. A decade single has quashed all such fears and now I’m actually more concerned about being limited by a fella! Dare to do it solo, don’t be tempted to stay stuck out of fear!

🎿 Never learning to ski, next lifetime! In my fantasies I am whizzing down a side of a mountain in Whistler, wearing uber cool white and face stripes a la Vogue!

〰 Not looking after my knees, jeez, I wish I’d listened! A lifetime of killer heels, dancing and prancing take their toll.

〰 Not realising that I was never going to be younger, or more fabulous, than in that very moment. Instead finding things to pick holes in. Whether it was being too short, too curly, too muscly …. I wasted being ‘good enough’ through a magnifying glass of expected perfection.

Having said all of that, I can honestly say ‘regrets, I have a few, but then again too few to mention.’

⭐️ Thank you Frank, here’s to doing it our way! #ididitmyway