Change Your Mind, Change Your Life


Whether you’re looking to make the best of a current challenge, an ongoing issue, or you’re simply curious as to how to actualise your full potential, you’ve come to the right place. My role is to create a tailor made process, deliver fast results, with easy upkeep, ensuring an exhilarating and engaging journey along the way.

I offer bespoke one-off sessions, programs, immersions and retreats. Whichever route is right for you I guarantee your experience will be unique and deliver immediate results.

Working together you can expect dynamic shifts and a curated package, all designed to maximise your time. I know you are busy and also want the best from yourself in all areas of life. My role is to zone in on what matters, to reflect your specific human complexities and illuminate your path to life mastery.

With almost 100% of clients personally referred, you may already have heard a little about my work. We will quickly highlight your blind spots, get to the nub of any issue and design a range of fast working disciplines for change. You will be guided and supported at a pace that’s right for you.

There’s more information below but if you would rather hear clients talking about their experiences and result, please shortcut to video testimonials.

When the chips are down but the stakes are high you can rely on me to have your back, offer new perspectives and to be on call when needed.

Bringing two decades of study and practice to each session, you can ex-pect a powerful mix of pragmatism, knowing and science.

Whilst my work is steeped in good old-fashioned evidence, it’s my intuition and wisdom – carved from diligent practice, wide eyed curiosity and a col-ourful life, that give me the edge.

This is not a text book program but coaching uniquely curated for you. I’ve practiced what I preach for almost two decades and carved a life that I love and for hundreds of people from all walks of life too.

Watching someone fall madly, deeply in love with life is the best feeling I know. Most people are unsure about what’s possible – and even less what’s probable – which is why setting up an initial Discovery Consult is a great first step.

This is powerful work, which doesn’t fit with everybody. I’ve helped hun-dreds of people to change, actualise and create their ‘wish-list’ lives, whilst realising their untapped potential. If you would like to find out if MZ Coach-ing is for you, please contact Lisa to arrange an initial Discovery Call. I look forward to finding out more about you and helping you move forward with momentum.

I accommodate all time zones and make your package as flexible as pos-sible to ensure your every need is met seamlessly. Coaching sessions are usually 90 minutes face to face or via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom for 30 minutes or an hour, depending on your needs.

Lisa, who’s been with me for three years, is on hand to help with your diary bookings and admin-related queries. Her primary role is keeping me free for client demands. Why not drop us a line and find out what’s possible for you?

“Challenging myself has been a powerful and exciting process.”
– Lorenzo, Italy

Turning my own life around, against the odds, lit my coaching path and I now have over 35,000 hours of practice under my belt. I coach and men-tor successful people who refuse to let their past define them, or destruc-tive patterns or negative beliefs cap their potential.

The legacy of my own difficult childhood gave me plenty of opportunity to hone my craft. I was running a myriad of negative behaviours, relation-ships suffered and addictions flourished. My Director level Blue Chip Ca-reer was flying……. Enough was enough. My life trajectory wasn’t looking good but Burnout, around my 40th birthday, turned out to be the wake up call I needed.

Turning my breakdown into my breakthrough, I’ve never looked back and would love to use the vast and diverse knowledge gained over two incredi-ble decades of transformation to help you find your best self and path.

“My enthusiasm for life has risen in line with the ability to get in touch with my emotions. MZ shook me off my lethargy – trust the process and it will take you wherever you need to be.”
– Albert, London

A mid-life tsunami left me disillusioned by the speed and effectiveness of therapy. Fuelled by determination to find my own inner peace, purpose and balance, whilst retaining the edge, passion and audacity which had served me well. There was only one thing for it, to scour the globe for cut-ting edge science and a myriad of processes to quickly cut through nega-tive conditioning, trauma and associated bad habits.

Working with the good and the great from self help guru Tony Robbins to Oprah’s own Therapist, Wyatt Webb and many others in-between. Ad-vanced training with breakthrough genius Dr John Demartini and on to Pia Mellody’s Model for a rounded education in co-dependency, love addic-tion/withdrawal and other bonding malfunctions. I also encountered my fair share of crazies, chancers and snake oil peddlers! This in-depth and re-lentless initiation to the human handbook has allowed me to create short cuts designed specifically to change old patterns and live a happy, in-spired life.

Most recently I have been collaborating with top brainwave expert Dr James Hardt, completing gruelling programs at his Laboratory in Arizona in 2018 and Germany in 2019. Other MZ credentials include two decades study with renowned shaman, physicists, doctors, therapists, healers from around the world. I walk my talk and am proud of my reputation to deliver outstanding results to discerning clients when they need it most.

Whatever is going on for you, why not get in touch to find out how we can make a little magic and change your world? Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to hearing from you.


“Michelle immediately finds the nub of the issue.  She really knows her craft,  I was highly cynical but she blew me away.  I saw a change from the first session and have never looked back. She is now my secret weapon.”

– Johnny C

Approaching the big four oh and reeling from one chaotic situation to another,

I arrived at Michelle’s door desperate to change.  She got me instantly, it was as though she had inside info – which was impossible.  I’d been warned to expect the unexpected, nothing prepared me for the power and expertise this incredible woman delivered.  Now, a year on, I am eternally grateful to Michelle who took me under her wise and compassionate wing and has led me to a life I didn’t dare dream of.  I now trust myself, feel proud of myself and have the power to choose who I want to be.

As President of a global music company I liked to think I didn’t need guidance.  Hitting 50 hit me hard and coincided with cataclysmic life events.  Michelle has been invaluable throughout and true to her word, I now look back at this tortuous phase in my life as a Godsend.  Now, out the other side, I am healthier, happier and a better leader than I thought was possible.

When I suspected my husband was having an affair I thought it was the end of my world.  Any semblance of normality or calm disappeared and I lost my footing on life.  Michelle was amazing, calmly and gently guiding me through one day at a time.  She was my sounding board when it came to emotionally charged situations requiring decisions and my go-to when I couldn’t make sense of the madness, mine or theirs.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.