One of a kind coach and speaker

Known for guaranteed results and absolute confidentiality, Michelle delivers the very best coaching to discerning people around the globe. She has the kind of credibility which only 17 years of dedication and 30,000+ coaching hours brings.

Michelle is now being called to share her story and life wisdom by stepping into the limelight herself. Her intuition leaves even the most cynical reconsidering their beliefs. She has a powerful ability to teach complexities of self and life mastery, humanity, spirituality and much more. Empowering others through her work but also by sharing her own story of childhood adversity to adult extraordinary.  Her own wisdom has been richly enhanced by many twists and turns along the way.

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Michelle covers a wide range of topics, designed and delivered for each unique audience. Perhaps her greatest USP is Live Coaching. No question is too deep or too dirty as she quickly gets to the nub of the issue.

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During your private sessions, you will learn a different way of connecting with yourself, not in a happy-clappy positive thinking manner but in an authentic way that’s based on self-trust.

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What people say?

Michelle draws upon her board-level business background, in-depth spiritual wisdom and cutting edge science.  A unique and powerful combo.

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“I can honestly say that working with Michelle is the most impactful thing I have ever done in my life. I’m so glad I trusted her”

H Williams Preece

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Breaking down to Breakthrough

July 12th, 2019|

Twenty years ago I had a breakdown. Jobless, broken and on the floor. I rocked backwards and forwards, staring into space as the world closed in around me. They called it ‘Burnout’ but we all knew it was a breakdown. I had pushed myself too far, whilst hanging on to old wounds, untended. I didn’t

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