During your private sessions you will learn a different way of connecting with yourself, not in a happy-clappy positive thinking manner but in an authentic way that’s based on self-trust. Turning from being your own worst enemy into becoming your best friend and helpful ally. Michelle specialises in fast, effective and lasting change.

You can expect change from your first session; along with expertly curated material and processes for your unique, specific needs. “I specialise in transforming childhood adversity into adult greatness and a life you love.”

Michelle is dedicated to your self-mastery and excellent results, along with offering a deep understanding and new choices. Together you will embark on an awe inspiring journey of self-discovery, illuminating your patterns and creating new pathways and vision. MZ’rs renowned for her intuitively led blend of traditional and leading edge tools to ease your way.

Expect science, simplicity, spirit and straight talking, Michelle will be your greatest champion. Whatever your background or your situation, this is a no-judgment zone. During her 15+ years of coaching she’s worked with a diverse range of people, covering a vast array of issues. Her own well documented life journey adds credibility and gravitas to her coaching. She’s lived much of her life in technicolour, rarely taken the easy path but unwavering in her commitment to personal evolution. She knows that our greatest wounding and adversity are also our greatest gifts, used wisely.

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Michelle offers 24/7 specialist crisis coaching, a personalised premium service. Her strength, expert support and wisdom will be right there, whenever you need it most. It could be a sudden family or relationship drama, or extreme anxiety ahead of a big speech, gig or a make-or-break business deal. Whatever the catalyst Michelle is here to help you make the most out of the situation, even if you feel overwhelmed and under equipped at making sense of your current world.

It may feel overwhelming right now but Michelle will help you transform this crisis into an opportunity to learn and grow. Perhaps even re-creating yourself and making changes long overdue. A crisis often brings old patterns and belief systems to the top of the pile. You’ll have the opportunity to do deep work with the very stuff that’s been getting in your way.

Turn adversity into the fuel of self mastery. Treat life’s upsets as unwelcome hurdles on your path to happiness. Or in the words of Winston Churchill “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” MZ offers a strong shoulder, a kind heart and a quick mind that steadies your ship and helps you make sense of the chaos.