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My mission in life isn’t to help people ‘find’ themselves: it’s to help them recreate themselves.

THE Zelli


No textbook coaching. Transformational coaching sessions are designed specifically around your needs.

30,000 hours of one-to-one coaching experience, underpinned by solid experience and expertise. Michelle has dedicated two decades to learning from, and training with, the best in the world. During this time her most powerful and profound learnings have been carefully crafted into tools and techniques.

Each session is different, Michelle keeps your work fresh, fun and exciting, with clear results. The plethora of options in Michelle’s tool kit is one of the reasons she’s the ‘go to’ for people who have all but given up. No need for long renditions of your old story, whilst working with your wounds. You will mainly focus on where you are now in your life and forging the road ahead, carving your journey.
Michelle will help clarify what’s really going on. Taking key lessons and learnings from your past into your future, you’ll move from feeling stuck, confused and disillusioned. Quickly and mindfully expect to move forward as the best version of you.

You might be surprised by how much you enjoy your sessions, learning about yourself and of course, the lasting results.

“Michelle adapts her coaching to your style of learning, you do not need to adapt to her.”

“GO TO MICHELLE – GET ZELLIED! You owe it to yourself 🙂.”
– Charlotte O, NZ



Spirituality also plays a role in Michelle’s success as a coach. Although she occasionally likes to click her heels in a board room, she’s also at home in a Shamanic Circle. It’s this mixture of worldly with a little bit of wacky that’s made her one of the most sought after coaches and speakers in the UK.

Michelle has an innate ability to help you find your spiritual truth and, in turn, connect with your higher power. Not hers, nor anybody else’s. MZ insists on foundations of research and evidence with all work and collaborates with renowned Theoretic Physicist Francisco Bricio.

Helping people live life in tune, in flow and in spirit, is her greatest goal. Michelle loves nothing more than to introduce sceptics to the ways of universe and it’s life changing force.

“Something told me to trust Michelle and I signed up for her Program. It was the best decision of my life.”
– Carolyn, Middlesex



Michelle travels the globe seeking the best of therapy, business innovation/leadership, teachers and healers and applies the most effective and powerful.

She’s trained with world class authorities including Tony Robbins, Dr John F Demartini, Richard Bandler, Dr Joe Dispenza. She’s worked closely with Dr Wyatt Woodsmall PHD, one of the founding fathers of Neuro Linguistic Programming, trainer and mentor to Tony Robbins himself.

Michelle worked in Arizona alongside Wyatt Webb, sought after Hollywood therapist to the stars including Oprah. A gruff, no nonsense cowboy with a colourful past, Wyatt has been a key influence in MZ’s coaching evolution.

Pia Mellody, leading addiction and relationship expert and Head Clinician at The Meadows, Arizona. This key work is now upgraded and updated in line with latest neuro science and MZ insights. Michelle has become the go to in the UK for people suffering from love addiction, love withdrawal and countless other relationship patterns.

“Everything I learn I apply to my own life first. I only invest in mastering and bringing to clients, once I am confident of it’s power.”

The Zelli Process is upgraded and enhanced consistently as a result of her dedication to being the best and up levelling at every juncture.

“Clients simply don’t have the time, or the patience, to put up with half baked theories and woolly processes. And nor should they.

I specialise in self and life mastery for those seeking transformation without years of therapy.”

If you’d like to find out about working together and whether The Zelli Process is right for you, please drop me a message to book an initial consultation.

“Let’s turn life’s lemons into a powerful detox for your mind, heart and soul”.

Thanks again for checking out my website. If you’d like to find out about working together and whether The Zelli Process is right for you, please drop me a message to book an initial consultation.