Nothing beats a weekend of sisterly shenanigans. Today, the first gathering since lockdown with my besties, our tummies hurt from laughing, our knees ache from dancing as our we prepare for Lionsgate 2020.

Today new portals open, expect spiritual upgrades, superpowers and insights! If you’re not sure whether you’re in the zone, look out for tell-tale double numbers, these are the universes way of letting you know you’re connected!

As always of course, don’t believe a word I say, simply go play and explore yourself, I am always thrilled to be shining the light on your unique pathway!

2020 says It’s time to stand in your full power, tune in consciously, embody the highest version of yourself and express your hearts desires with clear declaration. Be bold, commit to living with love, heart led with gratitude and compassion for yourself and those around you. Stop the negative self chatter and embrace your beauty from within. This magnetic time is asking for you to align with your hearts desires. Dream big baby, align and as always, expect miracles. Creativity and manifestation are yours for the taking…. plug in, power up and enjoy!

The really great thing about this is that you don’t need to believe, simply be open and curious. The Universe will do the rest, with me as your guide should you require a helping hand in connecting to the spiritual power that is your birth right!

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