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Michelle covers a wide range of topics, designed and delivered for each unique audience. Perhaps her greatest USP is Live Coaching. No question is too deep or too dirty as she quickly gets to the nub of the issue – whether it’s facilitating a personal breakthrough or offering a simple piece of well honed advice.

When extraordinary intuition combines with extensive experience and expertise you can expect to witness the magic of engaging, powerful and transformative change work. MZ provides an incredible opportunity for people to bond, grow and share tears and laughter along the way.

Public speaking allows Michelle to guide an audience towards deeper self discovery and an increasingly authentic life. Delivering life-hacks for self knowledge, along with practical tools to help the audience take mindful control over their day to day thoughts, emotions and outcomes.

It’s often in our weirdness our true value lies! Michelle champions individual uniqueness and loves helping people to understand and accept the power of their many contradictions and facets. Together designing audacious goals, whilst support success with tried and tested ways of moving forward.

Reviews of Michelle’s speaking have included “honest, audacious, energetic, humorous, vulnerable, powerful ….. and a little irreverent.”

Speaking Subjects

  • Love addiction and love withdrawal
  • Healthy boundaries for life
  • Soft and strong – the art of a being a modern woman
  • Meno-pause through to meno-play
  • Limitless living, at any age
  • Feminine feminism for 2018
  • Dissolving your own class ceiling Entrepreunerial Living Redefining feminism
Self Mastery
  • Personal ascension, 3rd to 5th dimensional living – the trials of transitioning to 5D.
  • Overcoming childhood wounds – from adversity to greatness
  • Advanced manifesting
  • The rise of the healthy masculine – how to be a man in this brave, new world
  • Transforming breakdowns to breakthroughs
  • Personal clarity, know yourself
  • How to get out of your own way & why it’s important!
  • Channeling your three core life forces
  • The laws of the universe
  • How to read the signs from the universe
  • The gift of life as an empath and the black spots to avoid
  • Working with energy in HD
  • Shamanic medicine pathway
  • Aligning the human mind, emotion and spirit
  • The power of grit, grace and gratitude
  • The art and power of clean language
  • Cutting to the chase and through life’s bullshit
  • Non-verbal communication

If you would like Michelle to speak at your event, please get in touch.

“I like to to deliver words and wisdom with a sparky combination of humanity, humour, boldness and surprise.”

Michelle Zelli