So what to do? Firstly remember that nobody always feels fabulous, and I mean nobody!

Surrender, it’s okay, it really is, to be blah. This way you’re not beating yourself up, or signing on for a downward slide of self annihilation.

So often a few blah days are exacerbated, turned into a period of down, by the way we speak to ourselves.

Take practical action, if you’ve been really tired, get some early nights… it’s okay, the rock n roll will wait for you to regain your wah!

Now ask yourself ‘What do I need to do to address this issue?’ For me last week it meant cancelling my PT sessions, I’m physically out of whack, whereas once upon a time I would have berated myself for being lazy, now I value self caring. Whoa, growth alert! For years I would push myself way further than was healthy or okay, now I’m feeling super proud of my self care even at times of sadversity – which of course is when we need it most but often use it least!

Now stage three ……. A mood shift! If you woke up today feeling fifty shades of crap, tired and ungrateful for the great stuff in your life (and that’s okay too, you are human right?) But it’s not ok to feed that state – I got up early, straight out of bed, into the car, roof down, wind in my hair and some good old 90’s R&B to perk me up. I admit I drove fast, hopefully avoiding a ticket, there’a something magical about feeling the early morning sunshine on my face, seeing the blue skies whizz by, whilst grooving to a little Notorious BIG before the rest of the world shifts its morning bum!

Singing and car dancing, that’s my kinda heaven! It may not be yours but go find an easily accessible mood shift to start your day. Once you’ve taken the important actions of awareness, allow, action and surrender with intent – all whilst speaking nicely to yourself. Maybe picking a few wild flowers, playing with a puppy, waking barefoot on the earth, a little sitting room salsa or belting out It’s Not Unusual in the shower Tom Jones stylie… learn your best ways of clearing out the cobwebs.

It’s hard not to fall in love with life when you’re doing what you love. I still feel physically under par but I have stopped Googling ailments and scaring myself to death, instead I have taken control, contacted experts to help me back on track. I’ve taken action to change my mood, honour where I am and of course taken the steps to make the shift my body needs. Thanks Blah for waking me up, I was bobbing along with my head in the sand, not any longer!

Here’s to our blah days and the motivation to make the changes we need in our life!
Be blessed, love your blah!