It’s easy to confuse ourselves and become downhearted. When you’re feeling stuck and stagnant, remind yourself of what’s changed. Who have you stopped allowing to trash you? How has your self care upgraded? A new habit here and a well placed boundary there, everything counts.  Be specific, remember your brain doesn’t respond well to generalisations when it comes to growing your power.
We can get hooked into thinking that all change has to be mind blowing, earth shattering or life changing. Here’s the truth … Few changes are.
Most successful transformations are a series of baby steps, tiny shifts – in the right direction.  You are currently the sum total of your unconscious rituals and habits, check out your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing to ascertain whether you’re on fleek or could do with upgrading your current routines.
Your mind loves routine and makes associations, so when you link a new ritual to an old habit you’re more likely to embed as part of your daily life.  Set your intentions as you clean your morning teeth, chant your affirmations washing in the shower and practice deceptively powerful 4-4-6 breathing as you make your first morning cuppa!  Oh and as your head hits the pillow – don’t forget your daily gratitudes, helping us live life with an attitude of being blessed, after all it’s where the magic happens!
Be proud, chin up stylie, of every single shift, shuffle and shake that you make. You’re changing, conquering and creating the very best you as you go. Even when it doesn’t feel like it!
The discomfort is where the growth is – call it your Growth Edge if you will!  It gives you both, growth and the edge!
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