High Feelers …. Observe, Don’t Absorb

Here’s me saluting the army of empaths feeling under siege right now, you are not alone. 2020 seems it’s pretty normal to feel blown all over the place; hung out to dry, like Gran’s freshly spun laundry in a hurricane!

Make no mistake, this is a tricky shift. After months of isolation and slow-down, we’re back to driving our lives. One foot firmly on the accelerator as we shift-up through the gears, all too soon, we’re back in fifth!

Trying to calibrate your best sense of normal, it’s a lot to handle and a shock to the nervous system. It’s no surprise if you’re struggling with super-sensitivity and the sensations running through your body. “MZ, I feel I’m hooked up to the local electricity grid, teeny pins and needles, I can actually feel the current!” is a normal coaching client convo.

It’s hard work conducting energy, you’re wired up but at the same time, you’re tired out. Your ‘get up and go’ has got up and gone, diminished mojo and difficulty in focusing leave us momentarily questioning our sanity.
There’s always a silver cloud right? Well, 2020 seems to have run it’s own, highly successful, Empath Recruitment Process! You’ve been hired, welcome to this very cool club. It takes a bit of getting used to and the upsides are many – but first, we lay foundations with great grounding!

For an immediate positive impact on both your resilience and resonance, here’s a starter for ten!

1. Time in nature. No gizmos.
2. Slow down, give yourself permission to relax, no pressure!
3. Breathe, in for four, hold for four and out for six – it’s a good start!
4. Bare feet on the earth daily for at least ten minutes.
5. Epsom or Organic Sea Salt baths.
6. Clove oil on the base of the feet.
7. Think of yourself as the finest Tesla, no recharge, no go.
8. Trust yourself to know what you need and make it happen.
9. Put yourself first, you’re not very good at that, get good!
10. Stay away from anything high octane, that leaves you high or depleted. (What goes up, must come down, usually with a bump!)

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