How’s your self esteem quota looking this week? Feeling good and groovy about who you are and your achievements? Or are you on a dreadful dreary downer? We all have ups and downs but if your downs are more than your ups it’s time to take action.

1. Take control of what you say to yourself. Pay close attention and change the dialogue to ensure you raise yourself up to the roof. After all, if you don’t big yourself up, who else is going to do it?
2. Congratulate yourself for every step you take in the direction of being the person you’re proud to be. No matter how small, praise equals raise!
3. Take up a new hobby and feel good as you master a new skill. Notice every win.
4. Focus on the things you love about yourself. Your really good bits. Physically, emotionally … out and in!
5. Stop hanging out with people who make you feel hard to love, or people who make little effort.
6. Focus on connections with the people who value and accept you…. Exactly as you are.
7. Every night write down three ways in which you’ve impressed yourself. You don’t have to have changed the world, just behaved in a way you’re proud of.
8. Date at eye level and take note of the red flags. No down dating to get attention and affection. We date at the level of our self esteem. Check out your back catalogue of ex’s you’ll see what I mean!
9. Do more of what you love, the stuff that lights you up. What you love, you’re also likely to be good at. Recognising what you’re good at builds inner self esteem.
10 Take control of your life. Own your decisions and create a journey you love. Being master – or mistress – of your own destiny is a mighty powerful self esteem elixir!
11 Enjoy life, allow the joy to radiate, relax and have fun too. Life’s for living, suffering is optional.
12. Do you, the real you – don’t be blindsided by social media faking. People don’t post their fails or derails, just their highs and lies!

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