Do your decisions make you feel good, or bad, about yourself? When you feel confident or small? Are your historical greatest moments when you’ve been on fleek, or feeling low and pretty useless?

Self Esteem is your sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. As with all traits, it fluctuates from day to day but to have a solid foundation of self worth communicated to the world – using consistent boundaries – is the recipe for a great life, emotional resilience and winning inner belief.

Why is self esteem important? Have you ever found yourself relying on other peoples opinion and feedback to feel okay about yourself? Whether ‘likes’ on-line, your work pals or party mates, everyone has emotional triggers and will bring their own agenda into the equation. Relying on externals creates an underlying sense of weakness as you’re swept around according to their whims and wobbles.

Solid self esteem means you are kind to yourself when you fcuk up – which you will. When I first heard this I immediately disregarded, after all ‘If I go all soft on myself I’ll become complacent, lazy and lose my edge’. If I had a dollar for every time a client shared that exact notion, I’d be tapping this message from a Sunseeker in Malibu! Seriously guys, I know it’s counter intuitive – we’ve been brain washed to believe that to be disciplined we must bully ourselves into submission. It’s a dirty, nasty lie.

Here’s the reality. When you bully yourself you will make yourself feel small. Sure, you might succeed using fear as your motivation but the slightest thing will pierce the veneer of confidence and knock you off your pedestal. When you build self esteem from a place of kindness, compassion and understanding, you’re actually building yourself up from a formidable foundation of strength.

You can turn away from the gossip mags and toxic on-liners but it’s your internal world that makes the greatest difference. Take charge today, stop bullying yourself, be nice and watch as shift happens!
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