How healthy is your self esteem? Do you think people find you boring to talk to? Do you become deflated when someone criticises you, or something you’ve done?
Do you feel you could disappear from the planet and nobody would miss you? Do you worry what others think of you, more than your opinion of self? Do you feel that you don’t do as well as others, and feel inferior? Do you feel you don’t deserve to be loved or respected?

Is it important that everyone likes you? If someone points out a mistake you’ve made, do you feel degraded? Do you seek validation from others, on social media, or in relationships? Do you create drama and intensity to be interesting? Do you not like yourself? Do you lack the confidence that you’ve done a great job unless someone else says so?

Most of us have work to do, building a strong, internal self esteem core. How many of these signs of low self esteem describe you?

Tomorrow I’ll post tips on how to upgrade but as all change starts with awareness and a nice, big fat “Why?” … Today please muse over your self esteem levels and how it impacts your life.

Self esteem dictates how you feel about yourself in every situation, the quality of the friends and lovers you choose and the way you handle life’s curve balls. Without healthy self esteem life is a struggle, constantly looking over our shoulders, unfavourably comparing ourself with others. We tend to dismiss wins and achievements but focus on what we didn’t do perfectly or what others may think.

We date at the level of our honest self esteem, a history of dating below eye level, is a sure sign.

The internal world of a person with low self esteem is often hostile and harsh. How do I know? I was that woman for decades. When I learned there was another way to be, I grabbed the lesson with both hands, held on tight and never looked back.

If you envy people with confidence, firstly don’t believe everything you see, a lot of people out there are faking it! Secondly, what are you prepared to do to change?