Do you ever feel tipped to the wrong side of crazy? It seems other peeps never lose it, or refuse to get out of their PJ’s, or feel too tired to give a shit about things that are important to them? Do you really believe that nobody else has Marilyn moments, days or weeks?

We’re under this crazy illusion that other people don’t have weird ways, odd habits, melt downs & power ups – which ignite seven deaths of shame as you continuously replay the event in your head. Nor are you on your own when it comes to holding pretend conversations and arguments, you’re never going to actually have, in the shower. Everyone says bad things silently in their heads, stuff we would never say out loud. And as for sexual fantasies, they might not be the average vanilla either.

Here’s the news. Humans, we’re weird, we’re odd, we’re creative, we’re wired differently but we all have the same basic needs and desires. Culture, cash and class might change the way we express ourselves, our craziness, rage and humanity. But deep down we all need to be loved, to feel connection with ourselves, our tribe and a higher power. We need to live on purpose, feeling as though we’re making a difference somewhere in our world. For some a teeny difference is enough, for others it has to be global – both equally valid and important to the quality of life their living.

So when you tell yourself you’re not okay because you think what you’re doing or thinking isn’t normal, give yourself a break. Straight up, I have seen hundreds of people who are so different but deep down, all the same.

A big part of cyber bulling and toxic journalism is trying to make their target feel odd, not normal, comparing and shaming them in the process. Make yourself a bullet proof vest by understanding the truth about humans and

So, who’s it to be today? Your best Monroe or Manson? Let me guess!

#acceptyourself #selfesteem #selflove #humankind #keepitreal