A strong inner core of self love and respect equals resilience to the outside world and their opinions. Knowing ‘only your opinion of you counts’ is a SuperPower and the platform for a successful and happy life!

So you feel great when you get loads of likes, new followers, or a wink from that cutie on the corner? But when the numbers drop, or you feel invisible, your proverbial shiz hits the fan, as fast as your mood hits the floor. If this is you, did you know that you are giving your power away, often to absolute strangers? #powermoves
How do you know that my like, my comment or my wink isn’t simply a nod to MY mood, to what happened to ME yesterday or this morning? One thing we can be sure about, is it’s not about YOU.

When I realised that other peoples actions are totally, utterly and absolutely about them… and only my own actions are about me, my world changed. I can’t control your #behaviours, nor your responses, but I can – and I should – control mine. I spent my life being blown from pillar to post by other people, feeling less than, imagining what people were saying and never coming up to the mark.

Today, explore what it’s like to ignore what others think or do but simply take full responsibility for your own words and actions. That includes what you think and type!
When the old thoughts come, brush them away as if they’re clouds floating by. By focusing on them, you give them power.

Life is 20% event and 80% response, our power is in our own response. That includes thoughts, conversations, actions. Hold yourself fully accountable, don’t blame someone else for making you feel crap, you are the only person who has that power – by the quality of your #choices .

A critical parent or abandonment history will exacerbate the tendency to worry about not getting it right. But you are not that little person anymore, you have the power to choose and make decisions about who and what you give your attention. #innerchildhealing

Choose wisely. This week we’re talking tips for #selfesteem. When you’re proud of your behaviour, your self esteem will naturally flourish. #selflove #selfworth