Of 2,000 adults surveyed, 28% admit to cyber bullying or trolling. Maybe you look at the gossip columns or send a judgemental text when you need to feel better?

We’re allowing our ‘SELF’ esteem to be replaced by ‘OTHER’ esteem – external factors that make us feel good or bad but over which we have little control. When other peoples opinion wobbles you to the point of pain, let that be a big #selfesteem red flag.

Why are we so keen to put people down? Seemingly innocuous TV shows are labelled entertainment but are designed to humiliate and aggravate contestants. The majority of adults are now medicating their moods, whether legally or not. Something’s going horribly wrong. We have to look at our negative culture and daily habits, it’s time to make changes. One million kids are seeking Mental Health Support. Suicide is the second highest cause of death for the 15-34’s and the single highest for 10-14’s. #timetochange

Last year I was in talks with various TV companies for well known shows. Without exception I was told that I had to ‘make snap judgements and destroy the target, after all that’s what the audience wants’. I was given current situations, one was Dancing On Ice. A contestant had kissed another celebrity and it was all over the press. “What would your take be?” I was asked. “Well, that would depend on an awful lot of variables” I answered honestly. “Is it the first offence? What’s going on in their relationship? How long have they been together? …… and on it went. I knew I was killing my TV career but if it means judging people – I can only tell you that my own glass houses reach way too far and wide to be casting any stones.

Let Caroline’s legacy be the catalyst for tearing down our toxic culture. This week I’ll be posting best tips for building a solid self esteem. Some quick fixes but also daily practices to replace old negative habits. Together we can turn the darkness into light.
RIP Caroline.

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