Let’s hear it for the Power Smile!

A smile conveys feelings of happiness, hope and positivity to people around you. Scientifically proven to significantly reduce stress in both the body and mind. This in turn improves sleep quality and we all know how important that is for our mindset! The average happy adult smiles 40 times a day and children around 400!
How many times a day do you grin from ear to ear? Most things we allow to wipe the smile off our face won’t matter one hoot in a year. And the stuff that we remember are our best life lessons. I love to laugh but earlier this year noticed myself falling prey to the curve balls in life and becoming too serious. Perhaps because I had a huge lump of emotional shiz blocking my view but whatever, it was the perfect time to calibrate my smile style and get life back in good humour.
Here’s how I started smiling more: 1. Set an intention every morning, “Today I will smile and radiate from the heart” 2. Put post it stickers around the house saying the very same thing 3. Smiling each time I read the post it 4. Smiling at people I interacted with – the cab driver, the barista in Starbucks or the lady I see most days on my dog walks. In fact pretty much anyone! 5. Smiling at myself every time I pass a mirror 6. Walking past more mirrors, smiling at my reflection again! 8. Forcing myself to watch things that are light hearted. The sugar sweet stuff isn’t for me but Fleabag, Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand and Ellen never fail to lift my mood and my smile.
“When you smile at the world, the world smiles back.”
It’s weird but it’s strangely true.
Don’t believe me, try it out for yourself.
Smile from the outside and watch your inside follow.
Here’s to those 400 smiles a day, and counting!