For Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, I have been talking about how even Warriors Wobble. Wobble, stumble, fail – consumed by negative energy and frustration to have slid off the healing path. I want to raise awareness that it’s the Wobbles that deliver the magic and the Stumbles where the true lessons can be learnt.

The trick is to be able to walk through the pain and get up and OUT of the wobble, regaining balance and harmony.

My wobbles have allowed me to walk my talk, demonstrate the angles, the twists and the turns. It is now that I can demonstrate how I have learned to ride the waves. Nobody’s life is without adversity. Nobody’s. It is this place where we learn and grow. My life is no exception.

I am delighted to be able to share with you my secret weapon. My 12 life hacks to get yourself UP from the shadows and braving the world again. Follow these steps and watch the results unfold.

Tip one:
How long will I choose to allow myself to suffer for this?
At the outset I set a limit to my wallowing, the picking of the scabs, the indulging in self-loathing and poor self-care. Whether we like it or not, these are a hefty part of the healing process. When they’re allowed to linger and fester we’re in trouble, but to deny this phase completely is not acknowledging our humanity. Stay in bed for a day. Surround yourself with favourite flowers, bed linen, notebooks, pens and highlighters. There’s not much that’s more pleasurable than pouring out our inner thoughts mindlessly on pretty paper with a perfectly flowing pen!

Tip Two:
Feel the pain but don’t dwell or linger.
Alchemy is turning the pain into something positive.
When we feel pain it’s our body’s way of saying it’s time to change something.
Pay attention and make the shift!

Tip Three:
Choose carefully who you speak to. Some people will be only too happy to jump on the misery and drama bandwagon. Others will say soothing words and provide an oasis of calm. Then there are your practical friends who’re priceless with their perceptions and ideas on how to get out of this pickle. Value this tribe.

Tip Four:
However bad you feel, remember you are NEVER a victim. You knew, at some level, things weren’t right. You have ignored the whispers and shoved things under the carpet. That was a choice. It may well have been the right choice at the time but now you’ve been called to face the reality.

Tip Five:
Get clear on how you want to feel instead.
Post-wallow, you will want to make a list of actions and thoughts to fulfil this vision.

Tip Six:
Those bloody stories! How the hell do you know this is true? Separate the facts from fiction……. We all love to tell a story.
“How do I know this to be true?”
The meaning is merely something we assign to an event.
“He didn’t put the bin out” suddenly means ‘he doesn’t love me’.

Tip Seven:
Know unequivocally that this too will pass and when it does you will have played it well and be bigger, clearer and wiser as a result. Turning shit into fertiliser for a great life and becoming the best we can be is true warrior living.

Tip Eight:
Don’t believe everything you think.

Tip Nine:
BE kind to yourself.
A day in my dressing gown, eating evil shiz dressed up as food from Dominos.
Watching an engaging TV show – last weekend @fleabag was my saviour making me laugh and cry in perfect unison!

Tip Ten:
Cancel, say no, rearrange, defer.
If nobody will die, it’s fine. Life will go on and yours will be a whole lot better.
And by the way don’t give the guilt trip a second thought … people will adapt and can find creative ways to fill their time. I’ll bet they’re over the moon to be getting an unscheduled night in their PJ’s or opportunity to nap!

Tip Eleven:
What do you know about yourself now, that you didn’t at the beginning of this trial or tribulation? Own it, use it and know it’s part of your up levelling! Soak up the new quality by feeling it in your body and breathing that feeling into every cell of your being. Do not stop until you’re so puffed up with the feeling you think you might burst. Now hold the feeling for as long as you can. Repeat over and over that you are changing your vibe in the most profound way possible, from the inside out!

Tip Twelve:
Refuse to accept the crumbs from the table – yours or anybody else’s!
We have in our life what we’ve chosen to accept. Sometimes we have to stand up for our self-worth and self-respect. People will treat us as we allow ourselves to be treated. Lay those boundaries down like a MOFO!

Welcome to the Warrior Path!