Don’t wait for V-Day to get under your skin. Start prepping your perfect Me-Day, a day dedicated to self love.

Valentines Day 2019 says you don’t need a partner to celebrate! Self love is on-trend, our healthy obsession. Find out why so many singles are finding self-love. Invest in a great relationship with yourself, here are five tips to get you on your way:

Getting to know you

Write a list of your best qualities. What do you really love and like about yourself? Start with ten qualities and then keep going. Are you kind, funny, happy, quirky, driven? It’s easy to forget our great qualities and how lovable we really are! By bringing these qualities to the front of your mind, you will feel good, build your confidence and beam your inner light brighter than ever!

Treat yourself

Use the money you would spend on a gift or a date, celebrating V-Day with a partner, to say ‘I love you’ to you! What would you really love a partner to surprise you with? A new pen to enhance your journaling? A new frock to up your inner sass? Choose something that reminds you how special you are.. And you are, there is nobody else quite like you on a planet of seven billion people.

Celebrate you!

Look how far you’ve come. Whether in your career, spiritually, with your friendships or your family. Even the way you think and what you know to be true has changed. You’ve upgraded the old you and are no longer who you used to be! Celebrate the highs, he lows of your journey, it’s not been easy, you’ve worked hard to grow and glow. Own who you are today with pride and turn V-Day into Me-Day by doing something that ‘new you’ truly loves!

Full Immersion

Become obsessional about loving yourself. Speak to yourself as you would a treasured best friend. We have around 60,000 thoughts a day, imagine the impact of your words and tone being kind and loving. Stop beating yourself up, pay attention to your self-talk and cut yourself some slack! Instead of being your own greatest critic, see your imperfections as part of your uniqueness.

Shine Your Light

Beam bright, notice which areas of life you could be playing small or holding back from dreaming big? Own your ambition like a boss and love your passion, your grit and your grace. Every tiny step in the direction of your goals and dreams counts. Give yourself permission to feel good about your progress, unapologetically, put your dreams and vision in the spotlight.

You are sexy!

Don’t wait for a partner to ignite your inner minx. Slip into something sensual and make time this V-Day to play for you. Use your favourite body oils, candles, music to set the mood.. Create a space of self love for yourself to turn on the naughty side of you.


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