I was delighted to be asked by The Metro for my top tips to declutter your love life.

How to declutter your relationship:

1. Let resentments go. Bringing up past misdemeanours clutters your relationship with toxicity.

2. Declutter your bedroom. Create a sensual sanctuary by getting rid of anything that is not beautiful or useful.  Replace old candles, update massage oils and treat yourself to new bed linen.  Don’t let this special room make you feel the gloom.

3. Ask for what you want from your partner. If you are not getting your needs met, what is it you want them to change? When you get clear on what it is you want, you make it easy for them to understand.

4. Stop nagging. Don’t clutter your relationship up with white noise – repeating the same thing over and again – you won’t be heard and will become increasingly frustrated. Change the way you communicate and the needs that aren’t being heard.

5. Clean up your expectations. If you are feeling disappointment with your partner more often than you should, it is because your expectations are not being met. When you expect your partner to behave different to the way they always have, you are setting yourself up to feel let-down and your partner to feel resentful.


How to declutter your dating life:

1. Red flags become blurred once we are attracted to somebody.  Declutter your dating by defining your red flags before the dating process.

2. Declutter your heart. If you are bringing old wounds, disappointments, and hurt into dating it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused.  Forgive the exes that have hurt you and learn your lessons on how you will do it differently this time.

3. Set yourself clear time limits for daily internet dating sites and take back your control and self-respect.

4. Declutter your beliefs about being single.  Relish your independence and freedom to choose what you want to do in life. Own your power.

5. Focus on what you like and be aware of this.  Internal chatter, wondering if they like us will get in the way of a healthy dating process


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