Cyberflashing: Why Are Men Still Sending Women Unsolicited Dick Pics?

When the Huffington Post asked for my thoughts on dick pics and the men who send them I was delighted.

Coaching covers an array of human behaviours, I love to lift the lid and get to the nub – or should I say knob? 😂 – of things.
I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you love a random willy shot arriving on your screen?

Please find below an extract from the Huffington Post article, full link is below.

Michelle Zelli, a London-based relationship coach who works with lots of couples and single men, says she has seen numerous clients responsible for sending pictures who have been lacking in empathy – men who feel their own sexual needs outweigh the feelings of the recipients of these pictures.

A recent government report from the Women and Equalities committee, which called for the new law to target this abuse, said it recognised that harassment of this kind is born out of notions of male power and entitlement – and some men do accept this. Some I talked to for this article admitted men do know it’s unacceptable – but they don’t care.

“Men know that women generally don’t like unsolicited dick pics,” notes Charlie*. “They don’t care. They have the mentality of: ‘If she’s into it, great. If she’s not, fuck her.’ Since most women aren’t into it, the purpose is pretty explicitly ‘well, fuck her’. It’s meant to offend.”

John, who spent his early 20s sending pictures, explains that for some men any kind of acknowledgement (even if it’s bad) feels better than being ignored completely. “It’s similar to an ignored toddler drawing on the walls or a neglected puppy or dog chewing up items they usually ignore,” he says. ”

A HuffPost reporter was sent 120 unsolicited dick pics.
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