Please be assured there’s not a paragon of any kind of virtue behind this article. (I actually laughed at the thought!) Nor am I suggesting that consciously aware people don’t behave like fuck-wits sometimes.   Most of us are raising our consciousness in some way.   Some of us faster, some of us slower, than others. We’re in the same boat, just experiencing a different flow.

We all aspire to something, conscious awareness and ascension is ‘that thing’ for a lot of people. Sometimes we’re kicking and screaming and wishing for an easy life but for the very most part, we’re loving every twist and turn, with all the fun of the fair!

So, guess who’s been pondering National Veggie Week and Conscious Awakening – can you spot the link?

Eating meat, whether from a medical, meta physical, environmental or animal loving perspective, has negative consequences. Conscious awareness is about living with an eye on the implications of our actions. Taking full responsibility.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat meat, it is saying that once we’re consciously aware, we just can’t!

Here’s saluting every one of England’s 3.5m Vegans. Depending on who you believe, Google says the world Vegetarian population is currently anything from 7% up to 31%.   Hardly a fringe movement!

Fuelled solely by plant-power for 4 months last year, I learned the hard way that going Vegan isn’t an easy ride. But the benefits to my health, mobility, general wellness and appearance were unmistakable. I had more energy, felt cleaner and mentally clearer too! I also really liked myself for doing something constructive, which helped animals and the planet, both of which are important to me.

In fact I liked the overall feeling so much that I looked at ways to turn the plant based diet into my normal way of life. I knew I’d found my nosh nirvana when quite by chance, I heard someone talk about being ‘Flexitarian’ …… I knew that would work for me and it has, brilliantly.   For me Flexitarian means c95% vegan. For you, it might mean something different.

The global trend for meat and fish avoidance is on fire. Vegetarian Week offers plenty of carrot to seduce us to take another step towards green, lean and compassionate lifestyle choices.

Just five years ago Queen Bey and JayZ surprised the world with their newly vegan lifestyle.   In doing so they unleashed the might of the media, bringing their ‘mainly plant based diet’ firmly into the spotlight. Not only did a host of celebrities join the plant chant but us, ordinary mortals, gave it a whirl too!

Food delivery companies report ‘healthy food orders’ are up by 94% this year. More than a quarter of all evening meals in the UK do not contain fish or meat. And, thank the lord, companies are at last cottoning-on to the growing demand of the clued up, conscious consumer.

Mindful eating is on the rise.   We are fast connecting the dots between nutritional quality and emotional wellbeing. (Although science and the medical profession are, in general, woefully slow to catch up!)

Veggie is cool, it’s hip and it is also great for our health and the planet. But it’s not new!   Pythagorus, didn’t just give us Pythagorean Theorem but also The Pythagoras Diet, which in 500BC laid the foundation for modern vegetarianism.

As a self confessed fanatic when it comes to understanding the path of human ascension and raised consciousness, I regularly write, speak and teach the subject. I’ve worked with hundreds of people, supporting their vibrational shifts and conscious up-levelling. Over this time I have noticed one or more of these happening to every client:

  1. Empathy with all sentient beings increases, along with the desire to engage in cruelty-free living. A new sense of responsibility emerges.
  2. Choosing to read labels and watch the green-screen – an array of sometimes disturbing but nonetheless excellent and important Netflix Docs! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting strangely excited about your new knowledge and feel the urge to share with anyone who doesn’t shut you up.
  3. The more you learn, the more you realise that nothing is at it seems. The News will feel surreal. Institutions can’t be trusted and media is a massive, manipulative and often malevolent, joke!
  4. Commitment to our role as custodians of the planet grows stronger. A magnetic pull to do something philanthropic is experienced.
  5. Our ability to turn a blind eye, and comply with the madness of the masses, dissolves.

As tough as the process can be, feeling even partly enlightened is a privilege you’ve earned. I love that I can honestly report a zero return rate. Nobody has ever said they regret doing the work, or have wanted to go back to what they knew. Every baby step to raise your vibration makes a difference. Start small because this stuff is addictive, it’s fast and it’s powerful. We all start somewhere.

For me the path to plant-based wasn’t wholly altruistic. I had been struggling for a while to rid myself of a hideously stubborn spare tyre.   This unwelcome guest had glued itself to my torso, precisely at the spot where my waist once sat.

Growth hormones and antibiotics are routinely pumped into animals at an alarming rate, from conception to slaughter. I have long been free range and organic but when I found my steak had been drug free only for three months prior to slaughter in order to be legally classed as ‘organic’ I held up the white flag, I surrendered.

I lost my middle age spread but truthfully I missed cheese too much to keep up my vegan status but have appeased my conscience by buying from highly reputable organic, kind, farms.

When you pay attention to what you put into your body, expect to feel the difference. When you feel the difference, expect to want more. Use your addictive tendencies to get addicted to the good stuff. The real feel good, true personal power and help the world become a better place in the process.

If you fancy trying fantastic Veggie nosh, get yourself to Muriel’s in Soho. It’s not fancy, it’s always buzzing, you can’t book but it’s fab!

Be Veggie On Your Terms… I love this from Leona Lewis!

“I call myself a vegetarian with vegan tendencies.”


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