It’s Foster Care Fortnight – highlighting awareness for foster care and foster carers and with around 84,000 UK children in foster care, and an increasing demand on an overstretched system, let’s push Foster Care Fortnight high on the agenda. 

A child’s ability to connect and build healthy nourishing relationships can be impaired by violence, abuse and severed connections.  This potential damage can be minimised when the child enters a compassionate and healthy family system offering security and love.

Foster care is so much more than a roof over a head and a meal on the table.  I know, I was adopted, by people who openly considered me to be an unwanted lodger.  The damage of disconnection, lack of affection and nurturing is well documented.  The difference one family can make, is rarely discussed.

Here’s holding a light to those wonderful people who show unloved, unwanted or uncared for children kindness, caring and a sense of worth.  Ripples to be felt for generations to come.

If you have the patience and understanding to provide stability and help heal a child who’s start in life was anything but easy, please contact

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