World Ego Awareness Day #WEAD

At last our wonderful, complex and much over-mystified Human Ego is acknowledged and spot-lit with its’ own glorious World Ego Day!

Whether we like it or not, Ego is a powerful unconscious driver in our lives. Today provides the perfect backdrop to find out more about this complex and mystified part of you… The Ego.

It seems we’re pretty hooked up and confused about Ego, do we love it or do we hate it? Let’s take a closer look ….

When you understand the various parts of yourself, all vying for centre stage – you begin to understand why inside your head is a crazy place where #inconsistencies reign. Creative and powerful people share the same ‘in-head issues’, they simply respond to them in a different way. Your Ego is trying to help you find your place in a crazy and sometimes cruel world. Have you ever thought about how it’s doing its job and how you could guide it?

To keep it simple:

Ego’s main job is to keep us feeling separate from the rest.

That way we’re able to sustain our position as special, different, better – or even, worse than everyone else.

How do you feel when someone describes you as ‘average’ or ‘ordinary’?

Why do most of us have a strong urge to push so hard against being considered mediocre?   Because deep down we yearn to be special, significant and to matter – and if we can’t get those needs met in a positive way, we’ll take whatever route we can. Which is a very good reason to understand the power and potential of your Ego.

Spirit wants us to belong and be at one with the universe. Your spiritual self has little time for comparison or judgements, either of self, others or situations. Spirit is rooted in acceptance, flow and the perfection of each moment.

Ego fights for the other side of our being.

Ego likes things to be wrong, something to get stuck into and complain about. ‘I am right, you are wrong!’ Our Ego loves to find fault, compare and to moan ….. Outwardly or inwardly.

The Ego is a victim and loves to suffer. Don’t be fooled by shows of humility and vulnerability – Ego will happily utilise an array of strategies in a bid to gain control.

Ask yourself regularly ‘Am I coming from ego or spirit?’

Ego is never satisfied. No sooner have you acquired the new shiny toy that’s been on your wish list for months. Or you’ve pushed through hell and tears to achieve your personal best in the gym or some other audacious feat.   Before you know it your Ego will be taunting and tantalising you with what you need next! Only then will you feel validated and good enough! Marketing companies around the world make billions playing into our egotistical whims.

Notice where your thoughts lead you to feel the sameness/belonging and which thoughts lead you to feel different and/or separate. Please don’t judge your thoughts as good or bad, simply notice the power of your ego, this in itself will help you make a baby step of change.

Eckhart Tolle says ‘One way to think about Ego is as a protective heavy shell, such as the kind some animals have, like a big beetle. This protective shell works like armour to cut you off from other people and the outside world. What I mean by shell is a sense of separation: Here’s me and there’s the rest of the universe and other people. The Ego likes to emphasise the “otherness” of others. ‘

Observe Your Thoughts to observe your ego. What is your ego telling you about yourself and others? Do you believe this to be the truth?

Sack The Stories

Hear the stories your ego tells you. Prepare to smile, you do not have to believe them!

I hope you’re feeling proud of yourself super special and clever now you’re on the path, a step closer, to self mastery! Happy Ego Day!