Make today the day you channel your inner diva. Banish feelings of embarrassment, know and ask clearly for what you really want. Own your power and enjoy your spotlight! It’s not always an easy path as the little, vulnerable part of us wants to run and hide. Take care of your inner child as you embark on this exciting and fabulous ride!

MZ’s Top Ten Diva Tips:

1. Own your VIP status and love it, unapologetically … I’ve worked relentlessly to be the best in my field, studied, practiced and upgraded …. pure diva vibes.

2. Know it’s okay, and fun, to be spiritual and materialistic too!

3. Coco Chanel, Prince, Dr Dre, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Iovine, Elon Musk – inspire me every day. I channel their guts and glory into everything I do. Who’s your muse?

4. I am responsible and accountable for me, how I behave and how I feel. Nobody else!

5. Sunglasses, lipstick and handbags make me happy…… and that’s okay! What are your

extravagant pleasures?

6. ‘Make a difference, leave a legacy and the planet in a better state than I found it’ is a key driver and a core value.  Be a planet diva in a mindful way.

7. Keeping up with technology is essential for true diva-ness. (Did I mention this Diva loves @apple ?:))

8. Stop sweating the small stuff …. delegate what you don’t want to do, the right person will love the job.

9. Dogs are furry angels, sent to keep us down to earth.

10. Music transcends earth years… diva dance, shake and shuffle to your beat as though your diva-life depends on it, because it probably does!