Ten years ago I VOWed to explore a decade solo. Having spent most of my life married or committed, I wanted to see what I could achieve on my own. My last relationship highlighted self esteem issues and a consistent penchant for the wrong kinda guy. I’d been alternating between ‘bad boys’ and ’harmless but useless’ men all my life, it was time to grow myself up with a healthy dose of self love.
The dictionary definition of Valiant is ‘to be brave and determined, particularly in the face of challenge.’ That’s us! Valiant Older Women are an unsung breed who deserve to be seen and heard. Once upon a time over fifty meant being resigned to the shadows, 2020, thank god, is a brave new world.
When making my pledge of independence in 2010 even I didn’t know whether I could, or would, last the course. It’s not always been easy. Ladies, we should be wearing our VOW badge with honour.
As a committed co-dependent, my biggest fear was lack of security, having the back up of a man felt safer. I’d never believed I was capable of thriving alone. I pushed through and in the process got to practice what I now teach and learned the art of real self love en route.
️ With Valentines Day just a whisker away, I want to shout out my fellow VOW’s. It’s not easy doing it for yourself sista and today I honour you with your very own Valiant Older Woman’s Day.
It takes strength to be a single woman. When the fuse box goes kaput, when the wifi goes down, when you’re sick and there’s nobody to lean on, or it’s cold and you want a hug. A VOW will hire someone to do the ‘man stuff’ rather than settle for a less than great relationship. She knows her worth, her flaws and her power….. and uses them to her strength!
She has wicked woman friends to support and encourage.
VOWs are queens with courage, owning the strength born from life’s experience and a myriad of adversity.
They know how to take care of themselves, build their own world and kindness is a superpower. Here’s to the VOWs in your life, love fiercely.  ️️
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