Is there really such a thing as ‘FAILURE’? We’ve created this myth that to not succeed or for life not to turn out as we expected, we’ve failed. With no hope and no chance!


I believe that failure is making mistakes and not learning from them.

I believe that failure is being judgemental and critical of self, rather than curious and compassionate.

I believe that failure is knowing the work we have to do to be our best and not doing it.

The twists, the turns and issues along the way to our big dream? Nah, there’s no F-word there. The reality is that there is no such thing as an overnight success! The failures, the learnings, the falls and the setbacks on the way to getting there are indisputable and part of every successful persons journey.

Reframe failure as, ‘Learning, Growth, Understanding and Greatness in the Making’.

In case you’re tempted to compare yourself unfavourably to someone, think twice. Your unique journey is also your playground and classroom to bring you to greatness.

It’s how we use the tough times that count and how we count our tough times as blessings on the way to the top!