I don’t accept much of what I’m told. I like to see things with my own eyes to believe they exist. When I started my training over 20 years you can imagine I was somewhat sceptical when my wonderful teacher started talking about manifestation & insisting on a life full of miracles!

Now, of course, two decades later, I have irrefutable proof that an intelligent force is in operation. My own life is nothing short of a miracle fuelled blockbuster, with plot twists & magic galore. Sure, I work at it but the manifestations that unfold are breathtaking.

I am positively potty about teaching how to harness the power of the universe to manifest the life we love, but what happens with my hardcore left brain clients? The people who don’t want any MZ voodoo from the get go! ‘No problem’ I say when they tell me this. “Please don’t believe a word I say, in fact, I insist that you take the work out of session & into the world. Make a note every day of the miracles & magic to bring back to session’. Because I already KNOW that by the end of the second session they will be asking me more about the ‘voodoo woo woo’ stuff! It’s not voodoo, of course, it’s simple quantum physics applied to daily life. It’s the stuff that Tesla, Einstein, Edison & many more highly regarded teachers and world changers discovered for themselves but few believed them.

I live my life knowing that wherever I channel the full force of my being, with clear and clean energy, my desire will indeed be provided. Living life in wonderment is our birthright but so many of us have forgotten & fog this truth with negative, low vibe living. From pollution to diet, to negativity, fear & doubt, it’s a seemingly endless list of ways we shut ourselves off to the power of universal collusion. Put simply, the universe is colluding with whatever you focus upon. No judgement, it simply is. Focus on the bad in your life, the pain, the lack & the suffering, it thinks you’re calling for more. Focus only on what you want more of in your life. Give it power through thought, word, actions, vibes and prepare to be amazed.

And of course, may the force be with you!