Looking out at a sea of expectant faces at the Megs Menopause Conference, soaking up the vibe that only a mass of awesome women can offer, an amazing moment happened. Shaking off the normal jitters that come with C-PTSD, the ladies stood and joined me for the trauma energy shake off. Bound together we HONOURED our vulnerability, wisdom, power and refusal to be put out to graze by society!

I chose the track Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man with its unmistakeable feel good dance vibe. Why? Because with our wisdom, grace, grit and refusal to conform to media’s portrayal of wizened old birds, we are GIANT! Every woman in that room lit up to the call, announcing that it’s time to create anarchy. It was a Matriarchal Rebellion!

My singing was joyously out of tune but the energy in the room superseded any need for Madonna melodiousity! The vibe took on a life of its own as every bottom swung to the beat, clapping, cheering and hugging abound!

BRAVO to Meg Mathews for taking the brave and bold step to front-line for women at this tough time of life with her trail blazing Megs Menopause. Menopause is called ‘The Change’ for good reason. Our bodies, our minds, our values, our goals…all shifting in seismic proportions. A better cheer leader, spokesperson and inspirer would be hard to imagine! She keeps it real, connects from the heart and doesn’t sell. She simply puts her stuff out there for us to feel our way around!

Here’s to wonderful warriors out there battling through. Remember we wobble but we don’t fall down. The time is now for us to start an uplifting uprising, a collective to shatter stuck preconceptions and step into our limelight with our wonderful weirdness, wicked ways and honest vulnerability for the world to see.