The recently asked for my top ten tips to get happy in 2019.  Please find these top tips below to help ensure 2019 is your best yet!

1. Get wild

This is great for the mind, whether you prefer to walk in the park, do some gardening or feed the birds.

Researchers at Derby University conducted a month-long nature challenge and the results were impressive. The number of people reporting their health as excellent increased by 30 per cent by embracing the great outdoors.

There was marked improvement in happiness too, adding to evidence that we need nature for optimal health and wellbeing.

2. ‘Escape’ with a good book

You might not be able to pack your bags and disappear to the Caribbean but you can transport yourself to a heavenly place, just by picking up a book.

Charities such as The Mental Health Foundation and Mind promote reading as a mood booster. If you’re not a great reader, try listening – one in 10 people now prefer audiobooks to paper versions.

3. Get creative and channel your inner kid

Apps like and colouring books can unleash your creative side. Creativity helps you connect to your inner child.

Colouring can be therapeutic and help you immerse yourself in the moment. encourages you to write as a creative outlet.

4. Don’t forget to smile

Physiology dictates your mood, so when you move your mouth upwards, science has proved that your mood will follow

Your body sends signals to your brain to let you know what state you’re in.

If my shoulders are rounded and my head is down, I’m telling my body I’m in a slump.

So pull back your shoulders, lift your head high and tell your brain you are confident and strong.

5. Be your own best friend

Do you believe everything you tell yourself? With 60,00 thoughts a day, most of us have a nasty habit of beating ourselves up with a judgmental and frankly, unkind, inner critic.

Kick 2019 off to a great start by speaking to yourself as though you were your best friend – someone who likes and values you. Research suggests that self-acceptance leads to greater satisfaction with our lives.

6. Remove the clutter

Having a clearout of physical stuff on the outside makes space, shifts energy and feels purposeful.

Whether it be your wardrobe or desk, excess things in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University found this is because clutter competes for your attention over the task at hand.

7. Go through your photo albums

When you focus on happy memories you naturally induce a feeling of happiness, so go through the thousands of digital photos on your computer to relive your favourite moments.

For a special photo, close your eyes and try to remember the smells or temperature in that moment. The more senses you engage, the happier you will be in that moment. Delete any duff pics and call it another form of decluttering.

8. Eat more high-fluid foods

Go for mood-enhancing foods. Everyone knows they need to drink more water because keeping hydrated is good for the body.

Being dehydrated also affects our mood. As well as drinking more, boost your water intake with high-fluid foods like watermelon, pineapple and courgettes. That way you get all your vitamins, roughage and fluids all in one.

Some foods are proven to help boost mood. Walnuts contain high levels of magnesium, which has been linked to reduced symptoms of depression. Dark chocolate in moderation is a mood enhancer.

9. Have a no-moan day

Focus on the positive in everything for a whole day. If we don’t like something we use up energy internally complaining about it.

Instead of getting upset over something you can’t change, like a late train, ask yourself: “What is the benefit here?” Even if it is just listening to two more songs on your phone, think about the exciting or positive repercussions.

It highlights the energy and time we spend in negativity and will help you change moving forward.

10. Dance like no-one is watching

Turning up the radio or listening to your favourite playlist can work wonders.


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