I was recently asked by Fabulous Online for some tips for surviving the party season.  If you suffer from social anxiety, work parties can be especially hard.

Here are a few tips to help deal with the symptoms and hopefully make the experience a bit smoother.


Bring a friend with you

Ask if you can bring a friend, this will always help you with moral support and not feeling left out if you don’t know many people, and prevent you from standing there like a lemon waiting to be spoken to.


Don’t get drunk to mask your anxiety

Booze dissolves inhibitions and gives you confidence in abundance. Which makes it great for fun party games and getting on the dance floor but all too often one too many can turn from fun into fury. And that feeling of dread the next day. Avoid getting too drunk at all costs, getting drunk should not be used as a quick fix for confidence. This year why not mix a selection of non alcoholic cocktails to intersperse with the strong stuff?

Prepare yourself

How do you want to act with these people? Get honest with yourself before the event.

If you are harbouring a grudge or feel awkward with certain people, why not take the season of goodwill at it’s word and get in contact before you meet?

No blame or shame, just an honest desire to move forward and have a lovely Christmas. Everyone is there to have fun at the end of the day!


Make sure to smile

Our body position and facial expressions account for over half of communication.

When you smile, the brain of the other person is 80% more likely to consider you as ‘safe’ than if you have your resting face.

It will make you feel happier too!


Pre-plan conversations

If you’re super anxious about what conversational topics to cover, pre-plan some neutral topics to discuss.

Michelle says these can consist of easy things such as: “Holidays, hobbies and even the weather.”

She adds: “Put ‘getting along with this person’ at top of your agenda and the conversation topics will come clear to you.”


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