I was recently asked by Friday Magazine in the UAE to contribute to an article on getting rid of toxic people from our lives.

We’ve all got one — one of those ‘friends’ who puts us down regularly for no particular reason. They are the ones who infect us with their misery whenever and wherever they meet us… even online. They rarely if ever see the glass as half full and expect us to hire out the best restaurant for their birthday when the best we can expect in return is something cheap that arrives a week late.

Toxic friends are everywhere, and if you’re now mentally going through your list of buddies and struggling to find the bad egg, then perhaps you should stop — lest you come to the crushing conclusion that the rotten penny is you (just kidding!).

Part of the problem is the very concept of ‘friends’ in the first place; it’s something, say experts, that has been corrupted by social media over the years.

Facebook and the like give us the illusion of having dozens or even hundreds of friends, when in fact, says international life, relationship and career coach Michelle Zelli, who has a number of clients in the UAE, we probably only really have four each. If you have four great friends who really are there for you, then you’re extremely lucky, she says.

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