I was recently asked to contribute to an article on self care by Vitality magazine.

What is self-care? How do I practice self-care?  These are questions that are frequently asked.

When a new celebrity, who’s gathered fast and furious fame, came to me in melt down, self-care was my first port of call. I explained ‘how you treat and value yourself is the foundation for self-respect and self-esteem. Poor self-care is a short cut to overwhelm, depression, anxiety, social issues and a cycle of unwanted drama.’

She looked bemused, tears streaming from her beautiful, baby blue eyes as she blinked her lavish lashes. A little defensive she responded “I already have great self-care Michelle. I have my nails done every two weeks, a massage at the weekends and get my hair and make-up done by amazingly talented people.”

I explained that her beauty and spa rituals sound lovely and quite on point for her ‘limelight’ status but they’re all designed to make her feel good from the outside! True self care is an inside job.

All of her life she’s dreamed of treading the red carpet, facing a sea of eager paparazzi and being recognised in the street. Her fantasy is now a reality but her core foundation, the inner her, is struggling with her lack of true self care.

We needed quick action, she had several events coming up, here was the advice that’s changed her trajectory and could change yours too:

1. Start each day with ten minutes reflection. Notice how you’re feeling in your body and also notice your thoughts. Being aware of yourself is the first step to knowing what you truly need and key to understanding yourself. Self-mastery is the greatest self-care.

2. Breathe. The easiest, most simple and effective self-care is free! No need for expensive candles , simple breathe in through your nose for the count of four. Hold for four. Now release through your mouth for six! Do this 20 times, three times a day, you will notice an immediate response from your over hyped nervous system.

3. Say no. Time is your most precious commodity and it’s too easy to give it away. Learning healthy boundaries will change your inner state and let the world know your value. By giving yourself more time you will also feel more in control of your life! Win/win.

4. Connect with your higher power. Whether you believe in a god or the universe, or a cat on the moon – just grow the connection and faith between you. When you know you’re protected, life changes, you change and all for the better!

5. See yourself as a top of the range car! However beautiful and perfectly specked you will only go as far as the fuel allows. Eat healthy, drink water, cut down on sugar, become more plant based. By taking care of your nutrition, you’re letting your body know you care for yourself.

6. Schedule regular ‘me time’ in your diary. Consider this quiet time as important as a board meeting. Feet up, chill out, Netflix, nature or music and a snugly blanket can do wonders for the soul. But be sure to do nothing, put your phone down and social media away. Immerse yourself in the moment.

You know you’re worth it and so did my client. After a little persuasion she adopted these new self-care rituals and is negotiating for her next exciting contract!

Please see the link below to the article in Vitality Magazine where you can read more tips and advice to help you get the most from having great self-care.