World Friendship Day

‘Some souls just understand each other upon meeting’ – n. r. hart.

Dedicated to the special BF souls in my life. With love, gratitude, tears and giggles. Here’s Twelve Ways to Be A GREAT Best Friend on WFD

Be honest, with tact and charm, but be honest.

In a world of fake and flakey…. Be someone who can be relied upon for your ‘no-agenda’ version of the truth.

Be Reliable…. sassy yes, but reliable.

Whether you show up in the middle of the night when the roof falls in, or tell us if we look ‘not our best’ in that new frock. You have courage and commitment unrivalled! Maybe you’ve got intel that our new Bae is a married bad boy. You’ve got the mettle to sit us down and say it how it is, when nobody else will …….You know the rap and you’re not afraid to be there through the thick and the thin.

Be the greatest cheerleader!

Those new dreams, schemes and memes …. Be there to support each and every one! Creative peeps are on a journey and they love you all the more for recognising this is just another step, not the full adventure!

Be loyal!

Let nobody speak badly in your aural reach. Nurture, nourish and protect your BF reputation when the need arises.

Be Open!

When your BF does or says something that gets under your skin. Don’t go silent, moody or resentful. Take stock and speak your truth in a loving way. Your friendship will flourish from the fertiliser of honest and kind communication.

Be accepting.

Their life choices, may not to be your life choices, but it isn’t your life, right?

Be ready.

Know when to sit in the wings, knitting a beautifully crafted safety net and know when to step in.

Be funny

Nothing makes for connection like a really good laugh! How often do you and BF laugh until it hurts? Make it a mission to do more. Giggles are a powerful stress release and promote deeper bonding too!

Be raw.

Feel free to be vulnerable and open, even when it’s not easy for BF to reciprocate. Be each others guiding light, especially when the pathway gets murky.

Be you.

By being real, you’re giving people around you permission to be themselves too. Here’s to messy, crazy, weird and wonderfully human friendships.

Be open to learn and grow together.

The best friendships are carved by decades of stories, adventures, mishaps, secrets, crazy times and homely moments. They are not about being perfect. Grace your best friendships with the beauty of imperfections, gnarls, scrapes and scratches gained over the years.

Be generous with your time.

The most precious commodity …. But for our besties we make time, create time and stay present – undistracted – when hanging out together. Intimacy matters and provides a great foundation for the very best connections.

Happy Friendship Day. 🌸