The average woman spends £25k on diets in her lifetime, with 66% of UK’s women on a diet at any given time.
Stats like this leave us in no doubt that Mel Wells has a big task on her hands. A woman on a mission using her painful past to help Millennials find their peace with food.
Mel openly talks about her demise as Bulimia took hold. After landing a role in Hollyoaks TV soap, age 17, the pressure to look fab took it’s toll, leading to a familiar pattern of binge and starve. Ultimately it was the death of her Father in 2012 that drove her to take stock and change her life trajectory.
Life’s catastrophes offer us a chance to change, step up and become a better version of ourselves. My own brush with Bulimia from the age of 14 to 20 brings back painful memories and I resonate with Mel’s healing journey from the inside out.
Rooted in emotional wounding, eating disorders are a symptom not a cause. Obsessing over food and what we put into our body, provides a much needed sense of power and control. An obvious and simple solution for naive, confused women with emotional wounding and a heartbreakingly low sense of self worth. No amount of diets will cure the inner turmoil but connecting with the core of the pain, the emotional void of aloneness and subsequent patterns, is where true healing lies.
Bulimia offers a fast track to self loathing, self sabotage and self attack. Our brains like to find the path of least resistance and if we weren’t using food, we’re likely to be using another area of life to fuel our inner self loathing. Many people ‘cure’ their eating disorder only to find another path for self attack appears. Cycling through routes to self loathing is common but also a wake up call to work from the inside out to heal core wounds.
My passion for helping women to succeed is no secret. As an introvert extrovert, my own aversion to networking wouldn’t stop me popping my head in the door to cheer on another woman with big dreams and courage to match.
Here’s wishing Mel huge success with ‘Hungry For More’, and to the women doing ‘the work’ to heal. Be relentless, courageous and authentically you. Dig deep, your behaviour is a symptom, its not the cause.