We only have three choices in life, choices we make hundreds of times a day, in every area of life. We decide, consciously or otherwise, whether to: Accept it. Change it. Or Suffer.

If you don’t like Mondays, change them but if you can’t change them, find a way to make them work for you, change your mindset.
4,264. The number of Monday’s at your disposal, if you live to 82.
Let me put this another way. If you’re an ‘Oh God, it’s Monday!’ kinda person, you’re consciously creating suffering for one seventh of your life, writing off over four thousand days. I’m not even going to reach for the soapbox with ‘What about the Domino Effect?’ scrawled all over but just imagine how this negative approach to the week sets you up for the other six days!
The easiest way to change your mindset can be to decide to change what you focus upon. Notice where you’re placing your attention? Is your focus going on what’s good about today, or what’s not right? Is it on what you like about today, or what you don’t? What you can change, or what you cannot? What will make a difference, or what won’t? Focus on the stuff you can impact, take action.
I’m jumping for joy at the start of another week full of potential, fun and manifestations which continue to blow me away! This week sees me uncomfortably out of my comfort zone. The same comfort zone I was stretching in January by making a public commitment to write, blog, interview – all out of my successful and comfortable coaching cave, diving headfirst into the media maelstrom.
On Tuesday free styling with Jean-Pierre De Villiers for a Facebook Live will keep me on my tippy toes, which follows a TV Promo shoot – which at least isn’t live! Oh and then there’s scrubbing up to work with the gorgeous Roxie Nafousi, answering live questions from her and her tribe via Instagram Live.
On Wednesday, for the first time, I’m hooking up with the awesome Persia lawson to talk about love, the highs, lows and everything in-between! That’s before hot footing over London to The Ned in the evening to talk to their members about Advanced Emotional Intelligence. All whilst also pushing my writing, media, TV, events, public speaking, interviews all to the max.
Of course coaching days reign between and clients continue to be my priority, whilst being fully present with each, is paramount. Without clients’ absolute blessings I wouldn’t be taking this audacious leap into the unknown! They’re cheering me on and supporting my dream in the most diverse and generous ways! I work with smart and successful people, who insist their coach takes her own advice and walks her talk.
They’re watching the results closely, I am walking evidence of the power of this work. My courage has been rewarded a thousand times over already this year, not least by so many amazing people coming into my life . I love to know I am inspiring others to take their own baby steps and turn dreams into reality.
It feels good to get up on a Monday to love what you do, do what you love and know the week ahead is unpredictable but the passion and creativity, newly pouring from every pore, is a given. It’s contagious and magnetic, lighting the path for others still in their darkness. Don’t wait for next week, or next month, do something today, something that scares you – just a bit!
The darkness feels like hell, only by getting sick and bored of it, and being determined to carve a life you love, will change happen. When I am next visited by the darkness it will feel insurmountable but by learning small tricks and life hacks, miracles are possible. I’m sharing the gems which have taken me from breakdown to breakthrough and far beyond.
Along the way, I’ve found that terrifying myself isn’t as easy as I’d thought it was. Sure, I could try Bungee Humping, or some other weird and dangerous adrenal rush …. but that was never my dream. To put my work out there, to make it accessible for anybody who wants to grow. For people who want a deeper relationship with the universe, to be in their best flow. To spread the magic has been my dream and I’ve found my passion far supersedes my fear.
My biggest fear today? It’s not failure, I can’t fail, I’m having too much fun and loving the journey. And I can’t lose, my coaching clients are benefiting from even better results as I fast track the processes inside out. No, my greatest fear Is not trying, not giving it everything I’ve got, and a bit more that I didn’t know I had.
I’ve jumped off the spiritual bungee, there are no guarantees but it is exciting and I’m loving life, with a feeling of renewal and vitality I hadn’t anticipated, in a shockingly balanced and easy way. Now I’m holding my hand out, if you’ve been teetering on the brink for a while …. As my spiritual hero Wayne Dyer said “Leap and the net will appear” It always, always does.
Let’s do this thing. Happy Monday!