Another notch on the bed post of life, another birthday under my belt!

Growing old isn’t easy, it’s not for the feint hearted but I’ve been working out what it takes to turn olden years into golden years!

As I head, at an alarming rate of knots, towards #sixty I’m planning to have more fun, be more cheeky and create an ever more exciting life.  No rolling over into retirement…. just yet!

I consider it a personal challenge to carve a path for ageless living!

There’s no chance of taking the usual route, calming down and doing the sensible thing.

My personal commitment is to be fit, happy, fun and healthy – buoyed by extraordinary goals.

Nobody tells you the shitty stuff about ageing!  Be grateful they don’t, and rest assured I have no intention of bursting your youthful bubble.  But believe me, there’s a zillion excuses to feel miserable and beaten as the years march by.  The benefits of ageing are easily outweighed,  the trick is to get really clear about every positive and max them out with every cell of your being!

Here’s my top truths for ageless living at 57:

1.  Stop giving a fcuk about what others think.  Liberation is age-less!

2.  Own your inner diva!  #gamechanger

3.  Stop dumbing down, play small for nobody! Be audacious for you!

4.  Keep your inner circle small but precious.

5.  Happy and Hearty…  are top of the priority list for my great life.

6.  Ambition excites and energises… Don’t settle.

7.  Disrupt the status quo – trail blaze!  Refuse to conform or comply.  Rebellious energy  transcends human years.  Channel your #innerrebel, find your ageless flow!

8.  Beauty is transient, upgrading #corevalues is critical to happy ageing.  Trying to live  according to values which we held dear twenty years ago will guarantee old age sucks!

9.  A smart mind, kind heart, wise soul wrapped in wisdom and #charisma outweigh gorgeous eyes, a sexy smile and washboard abs!

10.  A well tailored suit (and confidence) is timelessly sexy… a man must never, ever, skimp on #tailoring ♨

11.  Heaven is an inside job. I only have myself to rely on when it comes to the #happiness and #hippiness ❤❤❤