Are you noticing a not so subtle shift in the energy and vibes in your life right now?  Are the people around you acting up and playing out their stuff?  Now’s the time to fasten your seatbelt, strap on your crash hat because Mercury’s in Retrograde for the first time this year!

A Retrograde Mercury is usually enough to send shivers down the spine of the cosmically connected.  But perhaps you’ve noticed even more mayhem and doo-doo than usual?  You can blame the added drama on the Solar Flares!   The cosmos has just upped the ante!

At MZHQ awareness hasn’t stopped the chaos! 

First my bestie mate chat blew her new car electrics!

Next my morning smoothie making went anything but smoothly.   My trusted Nutribullet spewed half its green and lean contents across the kitchen floor and worktops.

Finally (I hope) my bath leaked through the floorboards and down the hall walls and then through another floor!   

I’m known for being sensitive to cosmic shifts.

And wonder how they’re impacting you?

From 16th-26th March the Earth is experiencing Solar Flares and heightened energy. I hope you’re grounded and prepared for the magnitude of cosmic shifts coming at us right now! 

On 13th March a stream of high speed solar wind was blown towards earth at mind blowing speed.  A 200,000 kilometre wide hole has opened up in our atmosphere.

Solar Flares are sudden flashes of brightness, gassy eruptions from the sun.  Releasing vast amounts of white hot, super charged energy particles as they go.   Sit back, gobsmacked for a moment, as you think about the 160 BILLION MEGATONS of TNT power that’s required to push them along! 

The Solar Storms disturb earth’s electromagnetic forcefield, it’s little surprise that our own aura (energy field) could be taking a battering too!

If you’re finding communications are down, your emotions are all over the place, your blood pressure has shifted and even your sleep patterns are out of whack…..  You’re likely to be experiencing the fall out of the Solar Flares.

It’s worth noting in your diary to expect peak solar activity around the Equinoxes, the twice annual event where day and night are of equal length.  These periods are known to cause an earthly stir.  Cracks in the Earths magnetic field will stay open for hours destabilising our frequency with ongoing impact.

The Russian Academy of Science warns of more to come, with no likely respite until 26th of the month –   another four days!

In case all of that isn’t enough to have you taking extra care and paying attention of this cosmic kerfuffle ….. Remember, Mercury is in Retrograde too!   

Mercury is renowned for getting in the way of communication. This first Retrograde of the year will bring techie melt downs,  disrupted travel and horrible misunderstandings!  Take good care of how you express your feelings and ask people close to you for what you want and need.

Maybe you’ve already noticed yourself and peeps around being out of whack, overly sensitive, irrational and a pain in the arse?

The next three weeks are going to be quite a circus…. but they’re not your monkeys.. Sit back, watch the show and keep your side of the cosmic street clean!

I’ll see you on the other side – wiser, smarter and ready to up level your vibe!