Isobella Rossellini, A-List SuperModel in her day, fired from French Cosmetic House Lancome, at 42. At the time the company cited “You’re too old to represent a women’s dream”. Now, at 65, they’ve re-hired her. Why do they want her 23 years later? The company’s female CEO said “Women feel rejected and excluded, it’s time to write a new chapter.”
More companies are seeing the light, and spotlighting the army of women moving from invisible to invincible. Todays 50+ women can celebrate our coming out!
We’ve been through the mill, we’ve seen it, done it and bought the T-Shirt of life – now we’re ready to live it. Free from the constraints of old fears and self-doubt, confidence at it’s peak, wisdom abound, we’ve learned not to take ourselves, or life, too seriously. The tide is turning, our beacon is burning, now is the time to grab life on our terms and ride this new wave.
As a 56 year old vocal advocate for ageless and limitless living at any age, I applaud Lancome for leading the way in an industry dangerously obsessed by youth.
It’s time to get real!
When I founded Feminine SuperPowers, an event and lifestyle brand for women, I was determined to champion the ‘older’ woman. I designed a day to help our smart and talented sisters, overwhelmed by menopausal mayhem, who have been beaten down by the relentless and negative media message. Some even believing their lives are over. Feeling forgotten and overlooked and throwing in the towel is always an option but there’s power in numbers. Magical shifts occur when we vibe together, inspiring each other to reach higher and further than previous generations ever could.
Never has there been a more exciting time to re-ignite our spirit, curate our perfect life and channel our Feminine SuperPowers at any age!