Another big day for women.

Last night the swanky Dorchester Hotel held a charity posh-nosh for the boys in penguin suits. With 130 Hostesses brought in to serve and cater. Little did they know they would make media headlines as this Charity Event was outed as a sign of the times gone by.

The young women were paid almost two hundred pounds and asked to turn up in black skimpy dresses with matching underwear and heels. Security was tight. The Hostesses were told to surrender their mobile phones before they began work.

The organisers had taken extreme precautions to create a safe haven for their guests to fondle and frolic. Part of the Hostess employment deal was agreeing to sign a legally binding Non-Disclosure Document before starting work at the event.

Dealing a low and cunning blow to the plan, an undercover female Journalist infiltrated the shenanigans and dished her dirt.

This undercover agent was infact from the least likely source! One of the remaining man bastions and a male domain, The Financial Times. Moving with the times this old boy City Newspaper is actually outing its prime demographic. Professional, wealthy, educated, the captains of industry and boys on the board.

When the chaps got together they just ‘couldn’t help themselves’. Groping and gawping and pawing….. allegedly. The attendees, many big names, are falling over themselves to deny any wrong doing.

Another global outcry, another brick in the wall for toxic masculinity.

Let’s shout out for the role models, the men who own their masculinity and sexuality in a healthy and respectful way. Recent polls show that 30% of UK men consider themselves to be ‘feminists’ and fully support gender equality. There are good guys out there, ready to stand united with a growing band of women, ready to champion the cause.

Your time is now, one day your daughters will thank you.