Unlimited potential


Make Me Fabulous UK

Having completed the four day Diploma with Michelle I am totally amazed at the potential of NLP to enhance my communication ability and understanding with clients. I operate in a personal service-based industry where client rapport is essential. The tools it has given me are extremely powerful and enable me to assess a client’s need via both verbal and non verbal communication, which is invaluable. I am very confident that being able to tailor our approach to individuals in such a flexible and personal manner will be what sets us aside from our competition.

On a more personal level, you gain a huge insight into yourself and how you are wired on this course. Once you are aware of these patterns and behaviours, NLP provides you with clear and effective tools to bring about positive change across all areas of your life, so its potential really is unlimited.

Michelle has incredible intuition and talent when it comes to coaching. She also has an incredible array of skills at her disposal which mean she is able to confidently respond to all kinds of people and situations in a very dynamic and unique way.

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