The birth of a new me

Adam Darke.

TV Producer & Braodcaster, West London.

I remember Michelle using the word “magic” very early on and my cynical mind sniggering to itself. Yet I have come to realise that this is the perfect description for the events which unfold during and after the NLP sessions.

The environment and learning felt so effortless, so inspiring, so powerful. The group dynamic was such a pivotal part of this. Feelings of doubt, unease, resistance and fear were quickly replaced by warmth, support and understanding. Together we grew and began to trust.
We saw reflections of ourselves which gave us the courage to push, explore, delve a little deeper. Within 24 hours we felt like we had known each other a lifetime. The atmosphere was so easy, so gentle, so encouraging that learning became effortless.

Every single theory or model resonated with me. Suddenly I saw the world in a completely different light and yet somehow it felt familiar. Like something I always knew but had never properly considered. I experienced my very own “shift” during the sessions as I began to understand myself a little better. It was one of the most unsettling yet moving experiences of my life.

Michelle gently guided me through some turbulent emotions and made me understand that this was a positive change. By the end of the four days I sensed the birth of a new me; the post-course work has built on those changes. By creating a framework and integrating NLP techniques into my every day life I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my behaviour, other people’s behaviour towards me, greater productivity at work, at home and in my relationships.

Where there was cynicism and doubt now exist hope, optimism, positivity and a belief that I CAN do anything I want. And I will.

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