… You are miracle workers!

Michelle Elman-smallWhen I signed up for EDI, I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that I needed a massive shift in my life and I needed to do something about it soon.

I had had 2 sessions with Michelle and already seen how she had a level of insight which is not only rare to come by, but delivered in such a manner that garnered my trust and my ability to know that if she said this journey was right for me, then she was probably right!

Let me start by warning you that the week before EDI, Michelle will tell you it is normal to feel a bit weird… I didn’t really understand what she meant until that week happened and weird was an understatement – I really felt like I was losing it! Making me all the more desperate for EDI to come around and when it did, I was raring to get started.

The weekend was hard, emotional but such a relief to air years of baggage that I had held inside my body.  Chris and Michelle holding your hand through the whole process made it easy to open up with the group building the perfect environment for this kind of work. I found watching other people have their own journey incredible as I am a strong believer in the fact that if you see someone else change, you yourself must have changed to be capable of seeing the change. The group was supportive and whilst we had trying moments, we all got through!

Surprisingly, when the weekend is over, that’s when the hard work begins… at least for me. Each person had a trying moment at different stages of the process, and when I was going through mine, I was determined that nothing had changed and I was going to give up. This is where EDI is different to every process. I have been through a number of similar experiences with different coaches, but never have I had the hands-on personalised attention in a group setting. Michelle, kept me on track in a way that has never happened before, and in those 3 days where I wobbled, I learnt how to grow up!

It has now been a month after the check-ins, and what I can say now is, I am so glad I signed up for EDI. It didn’t promise me an awe-inspring ‘your entire life will be unrecognisable’ experience that has been promised to me so many times before, instead it offered me something way better, a realistic and achievable approach to changing my life. It made me grow up, take responsibility and accountability and be in control for the first time in my life. Frankly, I stopped bitching and moaning like a teenager, and started realising that each day I have choices, and I was making decisions that were holding me back… and that to me, was life-changing!

Thank you Michelle and Chris, you are miracle workers!

Michelle Elman, London

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