True change at a deep level

handsWhen I picked up the phone to Michelle knowing I finally needed to shift some debris and heal deep pain; Michelle gently said “your wounds have been calling to be healed for a while, come on EDI in 3 weeks”. I felt an instant relief in just hearing Michelle’s voice and putting my trust in her to take me on the journey of EDI, but I also felt intense fear about what was to come in this process. All I knew was that it was an ’emotional detox’, but I knew I needed it.

Well, it is what it says on the tin. It is emotional. It is a detox, and it is intensive. Buckle up for the ride – but its a ride you will be forever grateful for.

I entered EDI feeling a lot of pain with a nervous system on stalks. I exited EDI with so much self compassion, a multi dimensional self awareness and a seismic shift in myself as I addressed 30+ years of past debris that I never knew was so repressed inside me which therefore spilled over into my life today.

EDI shifted so much inside me from the depths of my core. Its true change at a deep level. Anyone facing pain of some kind – blocks, desire to change but scared, relationship struggles, loss, self doubts, stuck in career or toxic relationship – go on EDI. Just GO. It is worth the ride. Its a lifetime of therapy. You will emerge more connected to yourself than you could ever imagine. Thanks to EDI, I am a much stronger, more content, more aware and grounded version of myself. As someone who always thought myself as strong and knows how to look after myself, I now really ‘get’ self care. Michelle and Chris are the best in the business – individually they are gorgeous souls, together they are a powerful force, but you are in such a relaxed and supportive space that you will explore your past without any judgement.

Wishing you the best on your journey – The experience is life changing.

Charlotte, London

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