Standing tall and moving forward

lucy banks michelle zelli testimonialThe door to my childhood was closed for many reasons I’d chosen to “normalise”. I had an awareness of the girl and the memories behind it but I couldn’t reach her or step into what had gone before.

For all of those nebulous senses you know are significant but slip away as you try to grasp them. For all of the sadness that bubbles up unexpectedly and gets pushed back down, or the anger that gets batted away as you strengthen your defences for life.

EDI draws you back there and gives you the reality. The difference is that this time you have the wisdom and strength of your guides and compassion and support of the whole group, holding your ground for you, as YOU solve the puzzle, at your own pace.

When you get behind it, you can see it, understand it and begin to stand tall and move forward as your true self. The journey begins right there.

Lucy Banks
West London

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