More than anything I wanted to change …

joanna testimonial for michelle zelliDeciding to do the EDI workshop was a big deal for me. I felt hopeful even quite excited, but apprehensive as well. More than anything I wanted to change..
Gradually things started to happen, often by ‘chance’, and suddenly there was a new path to go down. I am going on a course to train as a child therapist using the arts, currently I am a teaching assistant and I wanted to do more but couldn’t decide what.

Then a friend told me about a course and my employer has welcomed and applauded my wanting to do it. My 12 year relationship has come to an end but I am coping far better than I ever imagined, even to the point where I am starting to enjoy standing on my own two feet. I keep wondering why I feel happy? I’m on my own? Shouldn’t I be lonely? Scared? Worried about the future? But I’m not!

I’ve got more plans in my head than I ever had before. I’m not frightened to venture down new paths. I want to try new things. My diets are happily out of the window. Decisions are actually being made by me. I want to keep changing for the better and regret nothing. I think I can safely say that I am a very different person to who I was pre EDI.

Ms D Smith, West London

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