Michelle’s intuition and ability blew me away

testimonial for michelle zelli from claire

I had been desperate for change for a long time, nothing in my life seemed to be moving on as I had once hoped and I felt uninspired in every way.

In my search for a change I had tried lots of other things to reboot my life such as meditation, new diets, visiting a counsellor and trying out a fab yoga holiday.

Each had its own merit but the effect was short lived and I basically gave up on myself.

I cancelled many social events and couldn’t even dream of my goals let along make them happen.

I was nervous to be joining the EDI workshop and potentially unleashing memories and emotions I had kept buried for a long time particularly in a group of strangers. But it was these tactics which began as self-protecting that had been keeping me stuck in a rut.

Michelle’s intuition and ability to get right deep into the reasons of my behaviours and patterns blew me away. She brought to light things I had never been told before but they resonated with me so much I knew they were right. Michelle’s extensive experience and ability meant she could give simple to follow and effective tools to move me faster to my goals. The work can dig deep into your psyche which is what makes Michelle so unique, it’s meaningful and so long lasting.

The two day workshop continues with daily progress reports to your group for two weeks which is invaluable and ensures you stay on the right track. This was essential to me in helping to change my past behaviours and Michelle’s attention to detail and the time she gave far exceeded my expectations of what I’d initially signed up for.  It takes work to change old patterns, after all many of us have spent years working in the same habitual way not getting anywhere, but it is absolutely worth it. This is a gift to yourself and you can choose how much you want to get out of it, with Michelle’s guidance and care you might just impress yourself!

If you are looking for a change, feel you aren’t getting the most out of your life or simply want to enhance an area you are happy with but want to take it further I couldn’t recommend EDI & Michelle highly enough. I have more confidence, feel taller somehow, making plans and following them through and most of all feel excited about the future I can create for myself.

Claire, West London

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