Michelle’s compassion allowed me to be free

leap-of-faithI was so anxious before Emotional Detox Intensive that I had to leave the room within five minutes. My heart was racing, I was shaking and my breathing was shallow. I felt completely out of control. Five minutes later and the tears flowed as Chris gently allowed me to release 30 plus years of repressed emotion.

The funny thing is that on a subconscious level I knew it was coming. That’s what all the anxiety was about. Anxiety I have lived with all my adult life. Anxiety that has turned the most innocuous of situations into a drama. A meeting, going on the underground, a trip to the theatre and so on. I genuinely believed that this affliction was anxiety. That it was a part of me. Now I realise that it was my way of distracting from my true emotions; deep sadness and anger.

Over the two days with Michelle and Chris, two of the gentlest, kindest, warmest people you will ever meet, I came to understand the reality of my childhood experiences and how they had shaped me as an adult. It is such a relaxed and supportive environment that you feel able to explore your past without judgement. I spent 30 years trying not to cry because I was worried what other people would think of me. Yet the compassion within that room allowed me to be free.

You cannot be cured of your conditioning in 48 hours but you can get a much greater awareness of yourself and begin the process of self care which can genuinely change your life. It’s enlightening, incredibly moving, powerful and fun. I know it’s daunting but as they say “leap and the net will appear”.

Adam Darke, West London

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