Looking back at over 2015 it was the best decision I made!

decisionI didn’t know what to expect from the EDI, but I started working with Michelle this year, she has guided me through some really tough times and we both came out smiling!
So when she suggested EDI my only hesitation was around the cost, but after weighing it up I decided to go for it and looking back at over 2015 it was the best decision I made!
It is not an easy process, I will be honest I found it incredibly tough especially the first day and it took all my strength and resolve to go back the next day.

But I am so glad I did. The two day process and the follow up are really well designed and highlighted my patterns of behaviour that didn’t serve me and critically why I behaved the way I did.
Michelle is an amazing cheerleader to have in your corner, championing every success and knowing when to give me a gentle nudge or call me out when I needed it. She also made the process fun which really helped me.

Also going through the process with two other people ,while for me that felt really tough at the start , after a few days it was a huge help and I found myself enjoying the ride!
If you are reading this and are nervous about what’s in store I would say trust in the process and give it your all!

I currently hold the record of being Michelle’s most resistant client on the EDI process and I have come out the other end genuinely feeling so much happier with a spring in my step !
I have made positive changes as a result of the process. Pre EDI I had a lot going for me but had a cycle of being overly anxious and often felt frustrated when things didn’t turn out the way I wanted . I now feel much more in control and able to make positive changes. I am very excited about 2016 and I feel more like my real self.?
Best of luck


Sandra, London

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