Long lasting change

Hand holding seedlingThe process of Emotional Detox Intensive is a revolutionary approach to de-construct old negative and dis-functional patterns that we build through the years. It is very intense yet the results can be astonishing.

The course is held in the most professional yet warm and safe environment, where the participants can feel at ease in showing their vulnerabilities.

Emotional Detox Intensive focuses on reviewing people’s childhood wounds by offering a step by step analysis of every human beings’ intrinsic value, and how this is affected through life experiences inside and outside the family dynamics. This is the essential understanding required to start the process of identifying how people can lose themselves along the way, and the negative consequences that their modified persona can create in their lives.

Childhood wounds work and visualisations are key part of the process. The ability to release hidden and repressed emotions and dig deep inside allow the participants to regain their identity and recognise the power they have to change their lives. Each individual is offered the opportunity to clearly see and create a plan of action.

Upon completion of the two week course the group start the individual work yet maintain daily contact and share their struggles and victories. It is a forum where you can benefit from the feedback provided by Michelle, and from the achievements and challenges of your new friends.

It is amazing how, when you make the conscious choice to change your life, by applying the new learned skills, the results are evident and immediate. It is hard work and it is never ending but like plants we can only grow if we are nurtured. It is the individual’s choice to start the journey, nobody can do it for you. If you wish to achieve long lasting change keep focus in applying the new mindset, consistently check in with yourself and live with a different map.

Christina Rossi, London

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