Life is now fun, positive and joyful

radhika khimiji testimonial michelle zelliI loved the EDI with Michelle and Chris.

I had been resisting it for months, thinking- “how could a two day work shop change things?”

I had always believed that development and unlearning past issues takes time, but I was mistaken.

The intensity of the two day EDI was exactly what I needed to see clearly who I was and see the blocks which were stunting my growth.

It has been 6 months since I did my EDI and I have never been happier, more grown up and more confident in my own body.

The best thing I can describe the EDI to is shedding an unwanted skin. It is definitely about releasing and growing up.

It is incredible for me to see how fun and positive and joyful life can be without all those old toxic emotions which cloud your everyday life, letting go of them, seeing past them, brings all the clarity and joy to have a happy feeling in your belly!


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